WE ARE BEYOND HASHTAGS! We provide transparent mentorship and training in leadership to the youth in our community. In today’s society, we have become prone to living in procrastination. Today’s youth have been crippled due to a lack of core values and a failure to understand the need for execution. Therefore, our children often model misguided behaviors with acts of defiance, rebellion, or anger. Societal norms have encouraged our community to resort to outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and more in order to express our conscious thoughts. However, we must begin to move beyond the hashtags and the statuses that we cling to and begin a movement of action. A movement that produce high-level individuals who can greatly impact their community.

The Squad

Carlton Honey

Lead Team Member

Victoria Hale 

Director of Curriculum 

Philip Lloyd

Official Event Planner

Sylvia Lloyd (LMSW)

Behavioral Therapist


What does Beyond Hashtags mean?



  • We guarantee that your school will see a 50% reduction of behavioral issues for those that are enrolled in this program

  • Every student that participates in the program will achieve a higher GPA

  • Parents will be able to identify a higher level of respect, love, and appreciation from these students.

  • We currently are working with Dove Academy of Detroit, Bradford Academy, and Stevenson Middle School.

The Hale's


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Michael Hale Jr. has always had a passion for speaking and empowering youth. At the age of 15 he spoke his first sermon, and thus began the journey of reaching souls. Having the privilege of being mentored and molded by some Detroit's finest leaders, Michael and Victoria decided to launch Beyond Hashtags as a way to combat the negative stereotypes that plague our inner-city youth. Being a phenomenal teacher, Victoria has taken on the role of Curriculum Director. They currently serve as Worship Leaders at New Hope Church of Wayne under the guidance of Dr. Rev. Virgil Humes.